Sunday, June 20, 2010

Experiences & Writing

The writer’s journey does not start when the first book is written, nor when the first inspiration is recognized, but when the writer is a child. Still viewing the world through mythical lenses, the child writer takes in all, leaving the subconscious mind to weave together the fabric of future stories. For some writers the path of the journey appears sooner than for others; and still for others the path is never found though it was always there.

If I had found the path early on my life would have been very different. I lived a full life by age 25. In that first quarter I went through many fazes and personalities, from the extreme to the mundane. But since I survived, and went through these fazes rather than got stuck in them, my writing will likely benefit from these many experiences - for experience is the greatest teacher in life and the nectar of the Gods of literature. It is through our experiences that we learn the songs of life. Whether through the real world or through the imagined world, our experiences build the colors of our character, the threads of our ideals, and the patterns of our actions. Like us, the characters in fiction must struggle and grow through experiences or falter and shrivel.

What experiences will my characters live through? What lessons will they learn? What fazes and personalities will they go through? Will they struggle and grow or will they falter and shrivel? What will be the color of their character, the threads of their ideals, and the patterns of their actions? I will only learn the answers to these questions as I live through these experiences with them.


  1. What a lovely post. I think you're right that all of our experiences lend a richness to our writing. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower.