Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tis the Season

Apples dangling on trees
Caterpillars munching through leaves
Eagles souring with the breeze

Sunlight beaming through the trees
Crickets chirping among the leaves
Flower peddles taking flight with the breeze

Birds of each color nesting the trees
Rain drops dripping down the leaves
Gray clouds blowing in with the breeze

Squirrels borrowing in the trees
Snowflakes resting on the leaves
Dark clouds creeping in on the breeze

Wintertime has come I see!

Can you see it in the trees?
Or how about in the leaves?
Can you feel in the breeze?

Christmas time is here you see!

With lights shining on the trees
Wreathes made of all kinds of leaves
And Santa Clause, up there, flying in with the breeze!

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